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If you have diabetes, it is important you regularly have your feet checked. I use specialist equipment to investigate and help identify any numbness of changes in sensation you may be experiencing (known as neuropathy).

As part of your diabetes care, the NHS offer free annual foot reviews. These are similar to the reviews that I can carry out, having completed many while working for years within the NHS. This is because, as a diabetic, you’re more likely to develop serious foot problems from pressure, corns and callous along with trauma, and these can lead to infections, ulceration and ultimately amputations.


Mobile podiatrist in Falkirk and Scotland diabetic foot sore on ankle

Mobile podiatrist in Falkirk and Scotland diabetic footcare shoe check and foot support insoles




- (this includes the assessment and full treatment)



There is no such thing as a mild diabetic or on the border. You either have it or you don’t, and the consequences of not having a regular check and assessment of your feet can be life changing. This is because the complications of diabetes can lead to delayed healing, increased risk of infection and altered circulation.

When carrying out your Diabetic foot assessment your results will give a risk level, depending on that risk level, you might have your feet treated and checked less often, than someone in a higher risk level as they may be more likely to develop a serious foot problem.

Along with carrying out your foot assessment, I can also check your footwear to make sure they’re not causing any problems, and give advice to help ensure there is no pressure and trauma to and prominent areas and that your shoes actually do fit your feet and they are fit for purpose.


Diabetic Foot Risk Stratification and Triage 


If you would like to arrange a call back or to book your diabetic footcare service in Falkirk, Cumbernauld, Bearsden, Milngavie and surrounding areas, then feel free to contact me on 07855 469063.