Mobile Podiatrist in Falkirk, Cumbernauld, Bearsden and Milngavie.

Toenail problems can range from long and overgrown nails, to thickened nails and  fungal infections. These can all be debilitating and unsightly, and if left untreated and even have serious long-term effects.


Mobile podiatrist in Falkirk and Scotland ingrown and bloody toenail needing treatment

Mobile podiatrist in Falkirk and Scotland toenail fungal infection yellow and brittle thick looking nail


Ingrown nails can occur when the nails have been badly trimmed or pushed out slightly due to wearing the wrong footwear, or damage to the nail, leading to the nail pressing against the skin. I can deal with ingrown nails, and it is best not to leave them as they can cause severe pain and infection. This may result in the only treatment being nail surgery.

Fungal nails are discoloured in appearance and can cause the nail to become brittle and powdery, I can diagnose and treat fungal infections in toenails, while a thickened toenail can be the result of injury, but again this can be treated.



New Patients: £35

- includes treatment and assessment

Existing Patients: from £25

- (approximately 30minute appointment)



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